Who we are

Our mission is simple ...
"To leverage the technology and people companies need to prosper"


Our story

What began as a need to fill reliable and knowledgeable persons in the (then) unknown technology space has turned us into a complete solutions provider.

In 1988 at a large manufacturing company called Crescent Industries Limited, there was a need to make billing and inventory more manageable and do what is needed to remove the 'bill book' system. The founder of Progmatix Limited took on the challenge and researched ways this can be done.

This was before the Internet so information was difficult to obtain. In the end it was decided the best value for money was by installing a PC and writing software. The language chosen was dBase, which was the most popular at the time.

Not only was the project delivered as expected, but it allowed the company to grow their IT department and install other PCs, servers and storage and build an entire LAN system. Further systems were designed and developed, including manufacturing scheduling, AR and HR solutions.

The success of the project made other companies take note and soon, similar projects of that size were rolled out to others, filling the gaps and improving and optomising their workflows

This is the same premise we work with today. We find your needs, research the right solution, and then implement, manage and maintain it.

HOW IT'S DONE - the 6 Ps

Progmatix Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Our process is simple

  • Meet with stakeholders to determine needs
  • Research various options
  • Propose the best solution
  • Build and Implement solution
  • Provide maintenance and support

We work with your budget

And Time frame


We automate your tasks and processes to make your business and equipment run more efficiently

Direct Solutions

We are vendor agnostic. So we will always recommend the best solution for you.

Anywhere data

All our designs are geared around accessing information from any part of the World, in a timely manner, from whatever device is being used.

Updated Technology

We always keep updated with changes in technology, so we will always know what is and can be available.


We provide a wide range of IT solutions, such as:

Installation services

  • Network infrastructure implementation
  • CCTV and access control
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Servers, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile

Software services

  • Warehouse Inventory Management and Point Of Sale
  • Asset Tracking
  • Bar code and RFID
  • Payroll
  • Human Resource
  • Membership
  • Job/Service Tracking
  • Custom software development

Specialised services

  • IT Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Outsourced IT
  • Hardware and software maintenance


Whether it's a fibre backbone, or CAT5e/6 LAN systems, we can design, deploy and certify complex systems, adhering to all standards and safety protocols.

VOIP, CCTV and access control

Deployed hundreds of cameras across various locations, all viewable from one or more monitors and locations. Installed access control systems that doubles as attendance register. Implemented VOIP for company wide communication

Hardware implementation

Implementation and maintenance of Server, Desktops and hand held devices with complete protection from internal and external points.

Specialised services

Complete Outsourced solutions, including project management, consultancy services and maintenance services. Onsite IT can also be provided on an as needed, part time or full time basis, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge for a fraction of the cost.

Software solutions

Implementation and maintenance of Inventory and Asset tracking systems for equipment, documents and files, etc. Point Of Sales Solutions for ANY type of retail and wholesale stores. Using either bar code or RFID. Complete payroll and human resource solutions for large and small companies. Membership systems for gyms, schools, casinos and more to track people coming in and out of the locations. Job/Service tracking for any service based companies. Plus custom business solutions